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What began as a video submission for me (or so I thought), ended up as the proposal of a lifetime. I walked through those doors ready to work and create as usual, and walked out having had the biggest surprise of my life. What my love, Sarah Dean, pulled off was nothing short of a miracle. With the help of our LA family, this surprise was brought to life. I performed several takes of choreography in a beautiful warehouse, right in the heart of DTLA, but what happened on the final take would change my life forever. Our incredibly talented friends directed, recorded, and produced a video that captures it all. We are grateful and so excited to start planning our future! We do not own the rights to this music, and have simply used it for artistic purposes only. The lyrics spoke to me as I was on one of my many plane rides, and it quickly became an anthem for Sarah Dean and myself. The lyrics couldn't have been more perfect for our journey this far. Song- "Unless It's With You" by the incomparable Christina Aguilera Director- Marc Cleary Assistant Director- Oskar Rodriguez Videography- Wesley Quinn Assistants- Johny Rodriguez, Andrea Grace Choreography- Sarah Burney Dancers- Megan Campbell Kinley, Brooke Napier, Laura Aronoff, Sarah Burney Wardrobe- Amy Hutchings The beautiful human who planned for months and pulled it all off- Sarah Dean