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I have a lot of anxiety surrounding my sexuality and whenever I think about it I get really depressed. Sexual orientation I read is "the preponderance of one’s emotional and physical attractions." Thats the thing I'm not 100% for the last few years I felt sexual attraction to guys but zero emotional attraction. Then with girls I've felt some but much less sexual attraction but I've experienced emotional attraction to them. Here's some background information on me. So as a kid I grew up pretty normal I guess was into normal boy stuff but extremely shy and afraid of judgement etc. I think I wore girls cloths when I was four and my moms shoes but I feel like all boys do that out of curiosity? Between kindergarten to 6th grade I had crushes on girls, in kindergarten I think I drew a pic of the girl I liked and I in bed, 1st grade had a little girl friend and had my first kiss with her and gave her a ring, 5th grade had a little girlfriend that I would get nervous and such around. Now the summer between 5th and 6th grade was when I started PMO to gay porn, never started at straight porn. 6th grade the more intimate feels started coming, one girl I liked I remember kissing the computer screen to her FB picture, then I had another girlfriend and would get all nervous around and look through pictures of hers, this limbo stage was weird cause I had crushes and girlfriends I was physically and emotionally attracted too but behind close doors I would fap to gay porn? Sometimes I think I started at gay porn because I was missing a male figure in my life, as I aged I realized my dad wasn't a mans man, even though he sure as hell looked like one (6'4 250 lbs) but he's extremely emotional (cries at American idol back stories) fears EVERYTHING (planes, highways, heights) during this time he started drinking a lot and still does to this day, cooks all the meals and does all the house chores like laundry and dishes, works blue collar makes less money than my mom & my mom wears the pants in the house as she's a very strong ambitious Latina woman, but my dad only has a few leftover friends from HS he barely talks too, no social life, only goes to work, the grocery store and family holidays. Moving forward after that first year of fapping my life made a 360, I stopped feeling emotional and physical attraction towards girls, I started despising men and all manly stereotypes and viewing them as just hollow bodies to fuck, my interest changed dramatically as before I was OBSESSED with baseball, between like 3rd grade - 6th grade I collected 20,000 baseball cards, watched MLB.TV 24/7, made dream rosters in my spare time, & I was a little league all-star. Then 6th grade was a limbo year as I stated before and the reality show the voice started, & I started to like Christina Aguilera's music (before I would just listen to any radio song didn't care for music much). Then 7th grade I hated baseball (manly thing like sports = detestation I think cause of PMO) and that year I made my Twitter fan account for christina aguilera as I started obsessing over her. Today I'm 16 an upcoming Jr in High School, I stopped playing baseball and stopped following Christina aguilera. Since PMO my life's been hell, I feel it's a mix of my phone usage, no fap and immersive technology that act as life support making you numb to your issues and causing us not to confront them, I still haven't had a crush since 6th grade, zero emotions, I hope the super powers people claim are true cause if NoFap can help reduce my social/ normal anxiety, depression, brain fog and all the other shit it causes that affects me negatively I'll be so grateful. PMO is not the answer it turns you into a soul less carcass, trust me. The sexual confusion came as I started NoFap in hope for the super powers and after day 4 I started feeling sexual attractions towards females, more prominently then my seldom sexual attractions towards them. I simply want to ask the community if NoFap can help me realize what I was born with, gay straight or bi, I just need clarity in this regard. If your here thank you for reading my truth and taking this time to help me on my NoFap journey.